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Silver Support Scheme for More

In this policy memo, Aamir Bana (’24), Kelly Hui (’24), and Matthew Ling (’24) explain how the elderly in Singapore can be guaranteed basic living standards through a non-discriminatory Silver Support top-up scheme.

Budding Entrepreneurs from a Young Age

In this policy memo, Choo Wai Keat (’24), Dineshram Sukumar (’24), Htet Myet Min Tun (’24), Sean Low (’24), Thimali Bandara (’24), and Zen Alexander Goh (’23) explore how a lack of pre-university entrepreneurship education results in Singaporeans’ perception of themselves as unentrepreneurial despite Singapore’s high international rankings on innovation, and propose that the government build a secondary school-level nationwide network for students to nurture their entrepreneurial interests, exchange ideas, and attain mentorship from entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Improving Access to Mental Health Resources for Migrant Construction Workers in Singapore


In this policy memo, Nicole Quah (’21), Celine Lee (’24), and Luke Seow (’24) observe that a lack of mental health education and employer behaviour regulation has culminated into a mental health crisis among migrant construction workers in Singapore, and propose that the Singapore government (1) provide manpower and financial support to NGOs currently providing mental health resources; (2) require employers to purchase insurance with mental health coverage for their employees and; (3) create a channel to disseminate mental health-related information to migrant workers with their employers and dormitory operators.

The Next Step in Singapore’s Food Story: Encouraging Demand for Local Produce

In this policy memo, Bryan Teo Jun Kai (’24), Lee Shao Ming (’24), Shaharaj Ahmed (’23), and Thomas Bean (’24) dissect how current government policies are insufficient in dealing with domestic food security in Singapore due to the lack of emphasis on demand-side problems, and propose the implementation of a local produce cashback scheme to subsidise hawkers’ purchases of local produces.