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Lifting the bottom: How about a S’pore DreamFund to help students from low-income families?

In this essay, Ng Yi Ming, Ng Qi Siang, and Heather Cheng Hoi Yeuk of the Economic Development and Inclusion Policy Centre propose a new credit scheme for low-income students in pre-tertiary schooling to tackle unequal private resources available to underprivileged school-goers. This essay is the winning entry of an essay competition held in conjunction with NUS’ U@live forum and was published in TODAY newspaper on 28 March 2019.

2019 10 Ideas Submission – Discrimination Against HIV+ Non-Singaporeans

As part of the Roosevelt 10 Ideas Journal submission, the Healthcare Policy Centre discusses why the Singapore government should allow foreigners on antiretroviral medication to obtain long-term visas. Doing so can lead to better health outcomes for Singaporeans, improve Singapore’s international image, and create economic opportunities by enabling HIV-positive foreigners to work in Singapore and boosting HIV-related medical tourism.

2019 10 Ideas Submission – Reformation of Singapore’s Special Education

As part of the Roosevelt 10 Ideas Journal submission, the Equal Justice & Human Rights Policy Centre recommends that the Singapore government increase the standards and accessibility of supplementary vocational opportunities offered to the intellectually disabled to alleviate workplace segregation of the intellectually disabled in Singapore and proposes how it can do so.